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Dark Angel, episode 9 (1.9)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jessica Alba   IMDB   Max Guevara
Michael Weatherly   IMDB   Logan Cale
Alimi Ballard   IMDB   Herbal Thought
Jennifer Blanc   IMDB   Kendra
Richard Gunn   IMDB   Sketchy
J.C. MacKenzie   IMDB   Normal
Valarie Rae Miller   IMDB   Original Cindy
Guest Cast:
Peter Bryant   IMDB   Bling
James Kidnie   IMDB   Gerhardt Bronck
Mack 10   IMDB   Tacoma Bleed
Byron Mann   IMDB   Detective Matt Sung
Kaare Anderson   IMDB   Thug
Jose Vargas   IMDB   Jorge
Jessica Crocket   IMDB   Louise
Link Baker   IMDB   Sven
Darcy Laurie   IMDB   Kk
Thomas Hunt   IMDB   D'nardis
Lance Gibson   IMDB   Half Dead
Owen Rilan   IMDB   Cop
Jim Shield   IMDB   Bronck Goon
Bethoe Shirkoff   IMDB   Mrs. Moreno
Chris Gestrin   IMDB   Jazz Musician
André Lachance   IMDB   Jazz Musician
Tom Foster   IMDB   Jazz Musician
Sarah Pia Anderson   IMDB
David Zabel   IMDB
DVD   Dark Angel DVD #03

Max races to the rescue when Logan is kidnapped by gangsters hell-bent on exposing Eyes Only.
As Kendra helps Max to make a home-cooked meal for Logan, Logan appears and pulls Max away from the intimate domestic moment - he has important Eyes Only work for them to do. He suspects that a gangster by the name Gerhardt Bronck is stealing the city's blood supply and selling it overseas. Although Max is upset about her ruined dinner, Logan convinces her of the importance of the mission. Max breaks into Bronck's hangar, only to find it heavily guarded - despite Logan's assertions to the contrary. Max has to tuck tail and run amidst a rain of gunfire.

Back at Logan's, Max berates Logan for his constant single-mindedness. It's like the only thing that matters in his life is Eyes Only. And if that's the case, says Max, he can count her out. She's done working for Eyes Only.

Undeterred, Logan continues to investigate Bronck's dealings with the help of Detective Sung. But Bronck is one step ahead of Logan. The privileged information Sung has just acquired for Eyes Only was planted by the gangster; when Eyes Only goes public with Sung's material, Bronck realizes that the detective is in league with Eyes Only, and determines to use the noble cop to bring down the cyber-crusader. When Sung gets together with Logan, Bronck's thugs move in and abduct them both.

Meanwhile, Max goes on a delivery in a violent, gang-ridden area of town and sees Bronck's men kidnapping young girls off the street. Wondering how this fits into Bronck's plan, she calls Logan, only to learn from Bling that the man behind Eyes Only was kidnapped by Bronck and his men.

Demanding to know Eyes Only's true identity, Bronck tortures Sung before Logan's eyes. Unwilling to let the gangster kill his friend and informant, Logan reveals his secret to Bronck: he's Eyes Only. Bronck doubts Logan's veracity, but Logan's insistence starts to change the gangster's mind... until a mysterious caller claiming to be the real Eyes Only calls Bronck, demanding the release of his informants.

The mystery caller is none other than Max, posing as Eyes Only via a voice synthesizer. Bronck traces the call and orders his men to intercept the caller. However, Max has already anticipated his move and has diverted the signal to the other end of town, smack into the center of violent gang turf - where Bronck's men and the gangbangers collide in a hail of bullets and violence. With Bronck's goons out of the equation, Max must now figure out where Logan and Sung are being held before Bronck realizes he's been had.

Listening to a tape of her conversation with Bronck, Max's heightened hearing detects a foghorn in the background as well as the sound of planes flying overhead. She deduces that Logan and Sung must be near a particular airfield and springs into action. She rescues Logan and Sung, and intercepts Bronck as he tries to make his getaway on his private jet. She takes down Bronck and rescues the group of children he had stowed in the cargo hold. It turns out that Bronck wasn't smuggling blood after all, but running an international prostitution ring, stealing children from the streets of Seattle and shipping them overseas to serve as sex slaves.

With the mission accomplished, Max and Logan mend fences. She was wrong to just walk out on Eyes Only, but he was wrong to put their lives on hold. After all, they live in a broken world, and the world will still be broken tomorrow.

By Dark Angel Fan on 25 Mar 2003 20:37:56
The first new episode of the 2001, penned by David Zabel, packed quite a bite. Can everyone here say obsessed? I thought so! We all have our little quirks, things that we are a little obsessive about. Boy do I have my share! Most of them revolve around my TV and computer. I've been yelled at more than once for blowing off friends in favor of a night in front of the tube or the computer. My main excuse is that I need to save money since I spend my life perpetually in debt, but I know my friends...

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