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Dark Angel, episode 12 (1.12)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jessica Alba   IMDB   Max Guevara
Michael Weatherly   IMDB   Logan Cale
Alimi Ballard   IMDB   Herbal Thought
Jennifer Blanc   IMDB   Kendra
Richard Gunn   IMDB   Sketchy
J.C. MacKenzie   IMDB   Normal
Valarie Rae Miller   IMDB   Original Cindy
Guest Cast:
Peter Bryant   IMDB   Bling
Patrick Kilpatrick   IMDB   Red Five
Brian Markinson   IMDB   Doctor Sam Carr
Alex Zahara   IMDB   Johannessen
Jade C. Bell   IMDB   Sebastian
Garry Chalk   IMDB   Lieutenant Walter Eastep
Mark Gibbon   IMDB   Red Six
Taras Kostyuk   IMDB   Red Seven
Shawn Reis   IMDB   Red Eight
James Tsai   IMDB   Neighbor
Julia Arkos   IMDB   Tammy
Irene Chang   IMDB   Sebastian's Nurse
Peter New   IMDB   Janitor
Duane Clark   IMDB
Jose Molina   IMDB
David Zabel   IMDB
Moira Kirland Dekker   IMDB
Doris Egan   IMDB
DVD   Dark Angel DVD #04

When the Red menace returns, Max is forced to take drastic measures to fight their seemingly unstoppable onslaught; meanwhile, Logan's transfusion of Manticore blood yields some unexpected results.
After the death of one of their members, the Red Series are more intent than ever on capturing Max and the transgenic technology in her DNA. Johannessen reminds them that the girl is their only salvation. He's been working on tracking Max down via her broken pager, but it's taken longer than expected. Soon, he promises, they will find her.

Blissfully unaware of the looming threat, Max arrives for work at Jam Pony to discover that Original Cindy has found another job. They share an emotional farewell and agree to meet at Crash for a celebration later that night. What Original Cindy doesn't realize, however, is that the Reds have already paid a visit to her apartment and are trying to use her to get to Max.

Meanwhile, Logan begins to recover sensation in his legs and surmises that the blood transfusion he received from Max is the cause. In an attempt to speed along the healing, Max transfuses Logan again. The transfusion seems to have little effect, however, and Logan's frustration at being confined to the chair is starting to show.

That night at Crash, the whole gang parties and celebrates Original Cindy's new gig. The party ends abruptly for Max, however, when the Reds arrive at Crash, forcing her to flee. The Reds give Max a run for her money, their single-mindedness and resilience making them formidable opponents. She escapes two of the Reds and fights the remaining one to the death; as the defeated Red breathes his last, his final words are a plea to Max: "make us live."

Max and Logan visit Sebastian, who explains that Johannessen has misled the Reds. He's told them that Max's DNA can save them from the implant in their brains, but in actuality the South Africans only want Max's genes to create a new generation of Reds who are impervious to the effects of the chip. Max has no interest in being mommy to a breed of killing machines, so she and Logan set about determining how to defeat the Reds.

That's when Original Cindy calls Max from her new job at Meridian Insurance. Max hears a frightened tone in Cindy's voice and instantly determines that she's in trouble - the Reds have kidnapped Original Cindy to get to her. Max sneaks out of Logan's apartment and into Sebastian's, stealing the brain implant they recovered from the fallen Red. Sebastian begs her not to use it, but she knows it's the only way she can save Original Cindy and vanquish the Reds. She jams the implant into her neck and is seized by the tell-tale convulsions that indicate the implant's attachment to her brain.

Max crashes into Meridian Insurance and takes on the Reds. The battle is long, violent and heated, but Max eventually prevails. Johannessen emerges from the shadows, standing over a weakened Max, wanting the implant in her head and callously commenting how little he cared about the Reds... at which point Red Five rises up and, with his last ounce of strength, slams an axe into Johannessen's chest. The Red dies and Max collapses, the implant wreaking havoc on her system. Logan arrives at Meridian in the nick of time and, following Sebastian's instructions, deactivates the implant and saves Max's life.

Back at Logan's, Max finally comes clean with Original Cindy about her past. Original Cindy is surprised by Max's revelations, and the two have a tearful conversation which ends with the two friends closer together than ever before. Later, Logan has his own surprise for Max. As he rises out of his wheelchair, Max's look of astonishment fills his eyes. Logan thanks Max for giving him back the life he lost when he was shot, and explains that there's something he's wanted to do ever since he met Max. As they ride off on her motorcycle - Logan driving and shifting gears with his newly functional legs - Max ruminates over the potential changes in their relationship.

By Dark Angel Fan on 25 Mar 2003 20:40:07
The episode begins with Logan seeing his doctor. We found out in the last episode that some feeling has returned to Logan's legs. Now we learn that Max may be the reason that this is happening. It would make sense that Max would have increased capacity for healing, what super soldier doesn't, but who knew that it would be catching. The revved up Manticore blood not only helps Max heal faster, but also has the capability of healing other people's spinal nerve damage. That is some strong...

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