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Female Trouble
Dark Angel, episode 14 (1.14)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jessica Alba   IMDB   Max Guevara
Michael Weatherly   IMDB   Logan Cale
Alimi Ballard   IMDB   Herbal Thought
Richard Gunn   IMDB   Sketchy
J.C. MacKenzie   IMDB   Normal
Valarie Rae Miller   IMDB   Original Cindy
John Savage   IMDB   Donald Lydecker
Guest Cast:
Brenda Bakke   IMDB   Doctor Adriana Vertes
Peter Bryant   IMDB   Bling
Shireen Crutchfield   IMDB   Jace
Bethoe Shirkoff   IMDB   Mrs. Moreno
Geneva Locke   IMDB   Young Max
Chris Lazar   IMDB   Young Zack
Jonah Glasgow   IMDB   Young Jace
Rob Blecker   IMDB   Drill Sergeant
Fulvio Cecere   IMDB   Sandoval
John Kretchmer   IMDB
Patrick Harbinson   IMDB
DVD   Dark Angel DVD #04

Struggling to remain standing, Logan seeks out the help of an experimental doctor who has been targeted for execution by a Manticore assassin.
Fearing that he's losing his recently recovered mobility, Logan is keeping Max at arm's length. In hopes of keeping his legs, he's receiving mysterious treatments from a doctor by the name of Vertes, but doesn't want Max to know about it. Curious as to what's going on with the suddenly distant Logan, Max follows him to Vertes' office and, after Logan leaves, demands to know the truth from the doctor, who refuses to talk to Max.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts from overhead. Apparently, someone wants Vertes dead. Max rescues the doctor and engages the would-be assassin. Although the shooter escapes, Max recognizes her as Jace, one of the X5s who stayed behind at Manticore during the '09 escape. When Max asks why an X5 assassin would be gunning for her, Vertes feigns ignorance. But Max discovers the answer for herself, searching in her memory and remembering Vertes. She was a doctor at Manticore - in fact, she was one of the key architects of the transgenic program.

When Max breaks the news to Logan, he's unfazed... and unapologetic for his secretiveness. He explains that his legs are starting to fail him, and that another transfusion from Max wouldn't help. Only Vertes can get him back on his feet. He wants to walk again - needs to walk again - even if that means going behind Max's back and seeking help from those who tortured Max in her youth. Upset at Logan's duplicity, but realizing how important this is to him, Max takes Logan back to see Vertes.

When they get to Vertes' office, she's on her way out the door until Max stops her. Confronted with the truth, Vertes cops to her shameful past. Guilt-ridden by her participation in Manticore experiments, she left years ago and went into hiding. Recently, however, some of Vertes' colleagues have mysteriously died; she knows she's next. Max convinces Vertes that she'll keep her safe. She's not skipping town until she finishes treating Logan.

When Jace returns to kill Vertes, Max is ready. As they battle, Max tries to reason with Jace, but her sibling is too well conditioned and doesn't let up. But just when it looks like the two X5s are at a stalemate, Jace collapses in pain. Vertes examines Jace and learns that she's pregnant. Max and her sister have a tete-a-tete, but Jace isn't buying what she considers to be Max's propaganda. As far as Jace is concerned, Max is a traitor. Max finally manages to talk some sense into Jace; if she goes back to Manticore, she knows exactly what they'll do to her baby. Jace and her baby both deserve to live free.

Meanwhile, Vertes secretly contacts Lydecker and offers him a deal. She will turn over Max and Jace if Lydecker will spare her life. Lydecker agrees and, with Vertes' help, he re-acquires Jace. Of course, no sooner does Lydecker have Jace than he turns on Vertes and shoots her. But when Lydecker tries to use Jace to capture Max, the pregnant X5 turns right around and betrays Lydecker. Max and Jace speed off on Max's motorcycle, Max blowing their nemesis a kiss goodbye as they go.

Logan is despondent at the loss of Vertes... indeed, to the point of contemplating suicide. He quickly realizes, however, that he has too much to live for to take his own life. He helps Jace find passage out of the country, leaving Max hopeful that Logan will recover from the blow to his psyche.

By Dark Angel Fan on 25 Mar 2003 20:41:53
So Logan is still being stubborn and shutting Max out. Is anyone here surprised? I know I'm not. Men! Anyway, "Female Trouble" was penned by Patrick Harbinson and was yet another amazing episode.

At the start of the episode we learn that Logan is seeing a back alley doctor, played by Brenda Bakke, regarding the trouble he has been having with his legs. For some reason he had to sell a painting to get cash to pay the doctor that seemed odd to me. Normally, Logan has limitless funds, why would...

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