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Shorties in Love
Dark Angel, episode 16 (1.16)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jessica Alba   IMDB   Max Guevara
Michael Weatherly   IMDB   Logan Cale
Alimi Ballard   IMDB   Herbal Thought
Richard Gunn   IMDB   Sketchy
J.C. MacKenzie   IMDB   Normal
Valarie Rae Miller   IMDB   Original Cindy
Guest Cast:
Alex Carter   IMDB   Sidney Croal
Kim Hawthorne   IMDB   Jacinda
Tangelia Rouse   IMDB   Diamond Latrell
Winnie Hung   IMDB   Maid
Darrell Izeard   IMDB   Bodyguard
Thomas B. Deschutter   IMDB   Pierpont Lemkin
Danny Danado   IMDB   Detective
Jason Diablo   IMDB   Mr. Scott
Jade C. Bell   IMDB   Sebastian
Irene Chang   IMDB   Sebastian's Nurse
Paul Anthony Hall   IMDB   Guard
Paul Shapiro   IMDB
Adisa Iwa   IMDB
DVD   Dark Angel DVD #05

Original Cindy's old flame returns to town, not knowing that her mysterious past is about to catch up with her.
Original Cindy's ex-girlfriend, DIAMOND surprises her with a visit at Crash. Diamond was just paroled, and looked Cindy up because she missed her. Original Cindy feigns disinterest, but Diamond swears she's turned over a new leaf. Original Cindy can't hide that she still has feelings for Diamond.

Max is beeped and heads over to Logan's. He needs her help in bringing down Pierpont Lemkin, the go-to guy in the Marbury Cartel. Word on the Informant Net is that Lemkin's crew is behind the heist of nuclear warheads from March Air Force Base. Logan needs Max to break into Lemkin's estate and crack the safe where discs containing incriminating information are kept. Logan has downloaded blueprints of Lemkin's mansion, but it's not an easy job because Lemkin is known to have a high-tech security system.

Max returns to her crib to find Diamond staying with them. Apparently, Original Cindy and Diamond are patching things up. Max agrees to let Diamond stay with.

The next day, Max, Original Cindy and Diamond are leaving a club when Max spots danger. Four guys come at them from an SUV - Max has no trouble taking them out, but she's confused - these weren't Lydecker's men. She gives Logan one of their guns to find out who these guys are. Meanwhile, Diamond starts asking questions about Max's transgenic abilities. And then. digging around the crib, Diamond uncovers the blueprints to Lemkin's mansion with the safe circled. Diamond suddenly realizes that she and Max have something in common. They're both thieves.

Max, worried about the men in the SUV, tells Original Cindy that Diamond needs to find somewhere else to stay. Original Cindy takes this personally, and says she'll be going with Diamond. Logan later calls to reveal that the men in the SUV are bounty hunters from a group out of Tacoma known as THE NOMADS. He doesn't know whom they're working for, but these guys don't come cheap. Logan wants Max to lay low. She agrees, but wants to finish the Lemkin job first.

That night, Max easily breaks through the security system at Lemkin's. She's in and out of the safe in no time with the discs and money in hand. She's nearly out when Diamond appears. and trips the security system. Diamond absconds with Max's bag and Max is hauled down to the police station for questioning. During this interrogation, the bounty hunters show up and take out Max with a tranquilizer dart.

Max comes to at SYNTHEDYNE, a high-tech medical facility. SIDNEY CROAL, the CEO of Synthedyne, demands to know where Diamond is. Max doesn't know. Croal gives instructions for Max to be killed, but Max breaks free. Max heads to Jam Pony to find Original Cindy and Diamond. When she arrives, she learns that Original Cindy left with Diamond not too long ago. It turns out Diamond broke out of prison because she was terminally ill and wanted to spend her last days with Original Cindy.

Max heads over to Logan's to see what's he's found out about Synthedyne. It turns out Diamond was incarcerated at the Synthedyne facility, a private company that has been using convicts as biotech guinea pigs. SEBASTIAN reports that on Diamond's cell-block they were testing AN918... which means that very soon Diamond will be highly contagious and terminal.

Synthedyne's people track Diamond to a Sector Checkpoint and apprehend her. Max arrives on the scene just in time to see Original Cindy and Diamond flown away in a helicopter.

Max heads to Synthedyne where she gains entry and is able to free Original Cindy before she's infected with anything. But it's too late for Diamond. Max tells her that the doctors at Synthedyne lied to her when they told her she was sick. She's been injected with a biological agent that is killing her. Diamond has a last wish - and that's to take Sydney Croal down with her. Max has no trouble helping her fulfill this wish with a deadly kiss. Finally, Diamond found a man worthy of her kiss.

Max and Original Cindy break free after a tearful goodbye. Later, Max visits Logan. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find Lemkin's discs in Diamond's stuff. Logan's not done with Lemkin. but he's got enough on Synthedyne's nefarious activities to put them out of business forever.

By Dark Angel Fan on 25 Mar 2003 20:43:50
There was a lot of comic relief at the beginning of this episode. It was needed, because at the end of the episode was dark and very hard to watch. Gotta love Sketchy. Finally they are using him in a way which makes sense. I hate to compare this show to BUFFY, but comparison is inevitable. Sketchy reminds me of Xander to an extent. He's goofy and provides an absurd comments to lighten the show. There are a lot of differences of course, including the fact that Sketchy does not know who/what Max...

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