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Dark Angel #18: I and I am a Camera [Title Image] Previous Next | Votes: 4 | Points: 5.75 | Log On to vote
I and I am a Camera
Dark Angel, episode 18 (1.18)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jessica Alba   IMDB   Max Guevara
Michael Weatherly   IMDB   Logan Cale
Alimi Ballard   IMDB   Herbal Thought
Richard Gunn   IMDB   Sketchy
J.C. MacKenzie   IMDB   Normal
Valarie Rae Miller   IMDB   Original Cindy
John Savage   IMDB   Donald Lydecker
Guest Cast:
Rainn Wilson   IMDB   Street Sweeper
Peter Bryant   IMDB   Bling
Lawrence Pressman   IMDB   Uncle Jonas Cale
Kevin McNulty   IMDB   Gilbert Neal
Nana Visitor   IMDB   Madame X
Dexter Bell   IMDB   Snuffy Wills
Jaren Brandt Bartlett   IMDB   Kid
Troy Turi   IMDB   Thug
Sky Miles   IMDB   Sky
Keith Dallas   IMDB   O.G.
Matthew Brevner   IMDB   Baseball Kid
Brad Mooney   IMDB   Pitcher
Carson   IMDB   Guy on the Cross
Cindy Lou Powell   IMDB   Dominatrix
Storma T. McDonald   IMDB   Dominatrix
Guyle Frazier   IMDB   Technician
Victor Flavin   IMDB   Pedro
Jeff Woolnough   IMDB
David Simkins   IMDB
DVD   Dark Angel DVD #05

An apparent stalker becomes an unlikely ally to Max and Logan when they investigate the murders of a group of recent parolees.
The gang gets their drink on at Crash where they meet SNUFFY WILLS, a close friend of Herbal's who was just paroled from prison. As Max helps a smashed Sketchy out of the club, three thugs try to mug them. Max shifts her abilities into high gear, easily taking out the three punks. Unbeknownst to her, the STREET SWEEPER, a strange guy wearing an aviator hat equipped with a camera, snaps photos of her in action.

The next day, Max volunteers to deliver a package to gang territory where she reunites with the Street Sweeper. He starts to offer her an opportunity, but gunfire down the hallway cuts his explanation short. The Street Sweeper is gone.

Max gets word that Herbal's friend, Snuffy Wills was murdered. Discussing it with Logan, he reports 6 more unsolved homicides of recent parolees. He's been trying to hack into the corrections department to get a file of upcoming parolees, but keeps getting booted from their server. Max heads down to the federal building to get the list the old fashioned way.

Max has no trouble breaking into the Federal Building and taking the list, but getting out proves more difficult. A guard is onto her and Max is ready to pounce when she sees the Street Sweeper racing across the grounds at a stellar speed. The guards take off after him, but he leaps over a wall in a single ten-foot bound. Returning to her Ninja, she finds a photograph of herself diving through the air from the night before. Written on the back is the message, "You really do need to talk to me or bad things will happen."

Back at Logan's, he scans the files of upcoming parolees. Max can't believe the hoverdrones didn't get any footage on the 6 murdered parolees. If the sector cops are sitting on surveillance footage, maybe Logan's Uncle Jonas can help. When Logan presents his rogue-police-death-squad theory, Uncle Jonas is skeptical. Logan reminds him that scandal can't be good for business. Uncle Jonas agrees to check it out.

Max breaks into the Street Sweeper's apartment and finds six photo clippings from the newspaper: Five murdered parolees, their names written under them, their faces magic-markered with a red "X," including Snuffy Wills. The sixth one, Pedro Benedek, is unmarked. Max reacts - the whack job who's been stalking her is behind the killings.

Max calls Logan with this news, asking for an address on Benedek. At Benedek's, she finds the Street Sweeper. He denies killing anyone. Seconds later, a hoverdrone flies over and lasers a red grid on Benedek's face. The Street Sweeper throws the man out of harm's way as the drone opens fire.

Max and the Street Sweeper return to Logan's with news of the killer hoverdrone equipped with twin 45 caliber automatics and silencers. The Street Sweeper suspected Benedek would be the next victim, and since his address was printed in the paper because he was a sex offender, he decided to warn him. The Street Sweeper finally reveals the source of his superhuman powers. Thanks to fate and the Department of Defense, he's wearing an apparatus on his legs called an exoskeleton that picks up nerve impulses and relays them to the servo motors. The suit enhances strength, speed and the ability to jump.

Max returns with the Street Sweeper to develop the film of the killer hoverdrone. While they're waiting the Street Sweeper shows Max a picture of his younger sister who was killed when he was thirteen. He admits that he's always blamed himself for her murder, which is why he ran away at fifteen and devoted his life to helping others.

Jonas calls Logan and sets up a meeting for an hour. He's got info on the killer drones, but he doesn't want anyone to see them together. After Uncle Jonas hangs up, Gilbert Neal, Jonas' longtime business partner, watches as a killer drone guns down Uncle Jonas.

When the photos of the killer drone don't come out, the Street Sweeper and Max head down to where he's seen the drones refuel. Max and the Street Sweeper break into the hoverdrone control room where they discover that Logan is the drone's next target.

The hoverdrone has Logan in its sites when Max arrives. Pulling out all stops, Max battles this killer machine. It's a brutal fight, but in the end the machine is no match for Max.

Later, Max and Logan discuss the death of his uncle. Uncle Jonas' partners will get away unless Eyes Only exposes them. They both know this will mean the end of Logan's money. but it's a price he's got to pay.

As Max helps the Street Sweeper get on a bus to see his mother for the first time in years, the Eyes Only hack appears on a nearby television.

Gilbert Neal arrives at Madame X's office with a killer deal. He's willing to sell her the face recognition hoverdrone technology at the bargain price of ten million dollars. She agrees, but as Neal exits her office, she snaps a photo of him. Could be she's going to test her recent purchase on its creator.

By Dark Angel Fan on 25 Mar 2003 20:45:05
This is what I would call a filler episode. "I and I am a Camera" was written by David Simkins. All in all it was good episode, but it was a side step, not really meant to drive along the storyline. It was a breather for us in preparation for the final three episodes that I am sure will be absolutely amazing. There were of course some things revealed in this episode that will probably be of significance later, including Logan getting his hands on an exoskeleton and losing his income.


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